Viral Videos Show Inauguration Was Staged 🎥

Updated: Mar 16

Ask anyone with connections to the Military and they'll all say the same thing: The men and women of the United States Armed Forces take tradition, ritual and honor codes VERY seriously.

So it's curious that the Marines would "change" the ceremonial laying of the wreath at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier at Arlington on "Inauguration' Day. There are numerous anomalies that the Marines would simply never allow to happen. Not the least of which is the fact that the Marines do not let Biden touch the symbolic wreath, as was done by every other President before him:


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Originally Posted March 9, 2021

Another anomaly, right?

If you missed it on YouTube, you aren't alone. It lasted a while 21 hours before they removed it. Fortunately, some Patriots caught in on a screen recording first.

What does this show us? Joe Biden's inauguration was not live, as we have been told. As you will see, this is now the first ever pre-recorded inauguration in US History.

As Biden "takes the oath of office" two things clearly happen, indicating this was recorded using multiple takes. We aren't sure, but one could insinuate that is indicative of the act... er, speaker flubbing his lines.

1) Both of his granddaughters seem to disappear entirely.

2) Nancy Pelosi suddenly appears out of nowhere.

You will also see that there is no angle where both of Biden's granddaughters would be missing at the same time - they're flanking him on each side. If anything, one could be missing, but that would only make the other more visible.

Also, Pelosi seems to appear out of nowhere during the angled camera view.

Usually, where there's smoke......