So you thought the battle was OVER Patriots?

That moment when you FINALLY come to the realisation that in the interim between the DEMISE of the bankrupt U.S. Corporation...and the transition into the RESTORED REPUBLIC of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA?

🇺🇸 The U.S. Military IS IN CONTROL 🇺🇸

The "Biden Puppet POTUS" operation is being used to accelerate the deconstruction of the defunct corporation and the dying fiat currency that props it up. Concurrenly the stuttering, stumbling, dementia-riddled automoton Biden is also being used as a HUMILIATION RITUAL. This becomes apparent when watching the Deep State and it's crumbling, remaining institutions of control COLLAPSE in real-time under the weight of trying to maintain the "President Biden" illusion. All while utilizing a comically absurd amount of "executive" actions to try and hasten the destruction of America on THEIR terms.

A byproduct of this operation? The "Red-Pilling" of MILLIONS of Left-leaning Americans FINALLY waking up to the fabricated "reality" we have been warning them about for the last 4 years...

So you thought this battle was OVER Patriots?